Movies I watched yesterday

It goes without saying that I’ll have to fight Otter (and a few thousand other women) for Nathan Fillion. I find myself fulfilled and lacking of much wanting, says the man. Took the words out of my mouth, and the syntax out of M’s.

Next. Saw Immortel yesterday. Horus is one sexy god, Miss France can act, and New York in 2095 reminds me much of Tesaris. (Red Shift, people. How soon they forget.)

Lastly, I watched barkley’s gut-wrenching, heart-tearing Never Die Young video (again, again, again), and I remember a time when Dean Anderson displayed more emotions than a prison door. That’s why I reacted positively to Lost City, I understand now. Jack was in excess of two facial expressions. Water in the empathic desert of season seven. Sometimes I wonder–editing trick or what–if RDA even shoots his dialogue with his co-stars in all the ensemble scenes. Feels like he’s acting to a wall. It’d explain a lot.

The wailing climbs up a notch. John throws a look over his shoulder, loses his balance, falls half-way, right cheek in the sand. His left eye tracks Jool, who jumps from rock to rock like a mountain goat on speed. She’s waving her arms and pulling at her hair; she is–thank anyone, any snake–too hoarse to truly scream anymore.

John, improbably, raises himself on his knees. Belches. “Why? Why did you have to–to go and tell her that–that all she knows about peace-making aliens is wrong and her fancy diplomas are dren–crap–shit–” John looms over Daniel, but Daniel’s eyes are closed against the parterre of stars. “Hey!” He pokes the man’s shoulder. “You can’t sleep. Don’t leave me alone with her. She–she has a medical degree.” John grumbles but merciful gravity delivers him to Daniel’s side with minimal jostling. “Some superior being you are.” He lays an arm across his face. Doesn’t want to watch the stars either. “You wouldn’t have made it one round against my bad guy.”


Birthday gift for him

I bought birthday gift for him. This is how it happened.

On Thursday, I woke up with a story ready-made, key-in-hand, write-it-and-roll. These stories are a mixed blessing, because while they are somewhat effortless, they make you shake and growl (at your colleagues) until you can write them down, and from then on you live in fear of them slipping through your fingers like water.

Of course, I had to go to work. Thursday night, J and S had a farewell party, then H had a bike accident. (She’s fine now, should you wonder.) I don’t remember much about Friday. Saturday, Neil came over to talk about the X Project. He also wanted to catch up on 409-411. On Sunday, Jon wanted to do the same, and I got stuck with two excited master speculators. Unrealized Reality was written for us, you see? Like a science lesson: visual aids, exposition, repetition, hands-on experimentation, rhetorical questions. Meeting at the pub afterwards to compare notes on our understanding of key concepts.

The story wasn’t any closer to being written, and I worried, but I poked inside, and wouldn’t you know it — John found himself a little pocket of timelessness; no wait, no moment, no decay, perfect conservation of mass and momentum. I left him there with a promise to return shortly.

Sunday night, speculation had lost some of its appeal, and John in his timeless bubble was about to be Kempered for the second time in as many weeks. So I finally got some time to visit shop center looking for gift for John.

It was also time to put DC in hiatus mode; while that doesn’t mean much to you, dear reader, it means posting less often for me. So, here we are. Blistering, scorching heat that wraps around your neck until you suffocate, and I’ve been battling with a wolf spider for domination of the territory all afternoon. I could try and wrestle John out of his cocoon tonight, but he’s comfortable there, and I’m more likely to join his haven of dark nothingness than lure him outside. We’re converging. Birthday gift for him can fix it. I hope so and won’t tell you what I bought. Actually I don’t much care for birthdays.


Internet Technology Conference 2012

Over 200 technology entrepreneurs, academics and service providers have a better handle on the state’s Internet economy, thanks to a new survey on the breakdown of Internet industry which was released in previous month at the second annual Internet Technology Conference. Continue reading

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Domains with dashes

Domains with dashes – are they any good?

So it’s time for you to choose a domain for your site. Pick it up wisely or lose your money. Let’s say your site is about “money making ideas” or “pregnancy tips for moms”. What you can do now is decide whether you like or and or I’m skipping the fact that these domains can be already occupied. They are mentioned only for sample reasons. As we can see both these domains with or without dashes look quite good. Of course if you find available domain without dashes just go for it immediately.

But in different case domains without dashes can’t go any good. Example is: The domain looks unreadable at first sight. But is much better. The reason for this is that every word of this domain ends with vowels not consonants. That’s why we have to divide all the words in these domains with dashes. It’s simple as that.

Remember that if you can’t find exact match domain with your keyword then try it with dashes. If dash domain is also taken try adding a letter at the begging, for instance: or or even You can add something at the end as well: or

Let’s take a look at some other examples of various dash domains I found during simple domain registrar search:,,,, As you can see there are even two words domains that can have dashes between words. Don’t forget to choose you domain carefully.


Another Pingwin update coming

Another Pingwin update coming – but when?

For a long time there are more and more rumors about the next update of Google, which is preparing for us. Some say it will be a fix for the mess that appeared ??in SERPs over the last few months. Others, however, say that it will be another screening of results.

Another Pingwin update comingDuring this year’s SES San Francisco events in 2012 Matt Cutts has been inundated with questions about the announced changes in Google. Matt then replied that “you’ll not like this Penguin update” because “Google engineers worked very hard.” Whatever it means, and what the thought behind that is, not so much as funny, but weird. If I remember correctly, it’s very rarely happened to Matt to warn webmasters and positioners before updating. What’s more, he also said that they will be strong “shaking and jerking” in SERPs.
When will it be updated?  No one knows. Certain is only that this update will be broken at the time we don’t expect them and  differences in the results will be more noticeable. Malicious conspiracy theories fans say it’s all about the … money. If there are terms that generate huge traffic from Google, they should be paid. Of course, by AdWords.

Algorithm changes and updates happen several times a day, but we got used to scandalize them. Google has confirmed that the large “refresh” for example, was on August 19, but did anyone apart from hardcore seo profs noticed that? No, everyone is waiting for the second Penguin. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between.