How to change a UF file to other Format?

How to change a UF file to other format? UltraFractal provides several ways to change a UF file to a format that can be used either to print the image or to prepare the image for viewing on the web.

The image can be made in UF at the size required (up to 1600 pixels) then exported directly as a jpg, bmp, psd, png or tga image. To do this click on “file/export”.

An image can be rendered to disk in any size required. To do this click “fractal/render to disk”. Continue reading

Movies I watched Yesterday

Movies I watched Yesterday. It goes without saying that I’ll have to fight Otter (and a few thousand other women) for Nathan Fillion. I find myself fulfilled and lacking of much wanting, says the man. Took the words out of my mouth, and the syntax out of M’s.Next. Saw Immortel yesterday. Horus is one sexy god, Miss France can act, and New York in 2095 reminds me much of Tesaris. (Red Shift, people. How soon they forget.) Continue reading

Internet Technology Conference 2012

Over 200 technology entrepreneurs, academics and service providers have a better handle on the state’s Internet economy, thanks to a new survey on the breakdown of Internet industry which was released in previous month at the second annual Internet Technology Conference. Center for Technology, a state-funded group promoting technology research and commercialization, released a listing of over 1,000 of the state’s Internet companies in a new report, “A Snapshot of All Internet Companies.” President Anne Link described the listing as “dynamic,” explaining, “We don’t expect, no matter how diligent our efforts, to be able to list them all.”

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